QUBITICA - A distributed blockchain enterprise

QUBITICA until April 2018

Since the launch of QUBITICA, we have built a strong community of developers and IT companies from over 20 nations. Not only has this community evolved the infrastructure, it has also demonstrated the concept's effectiveness in many projects. QUBITICA is now in over 1000 hands and the initial process of building this community is complete. In addition to QUBITICA itself, the community owns shares in various new projects, which will be published in good time on this website.

QUBITICA since May 2018

The name QUBITICA now stands for this distributed structure and QBIT is the token with which shares in QUBITICA are represented. QBIT holders should continue to manage their QBIT in a developer or user account to receive the monthly participation bonus. The application for new blockchain projects will now be handled directly through new websites within new brands. QUBITICA Gold Developers are preferred in bidding and holding QBIT is still a prerequisite for allocating projects.

QUBITICA for developers

  • A new way of cooperation
  • Long-term participation in the success of your own ideas
  • Uncomplicated and collaborative
  • QUBITICA is not non-profit but success-oriented and entrepreneurial
  • QUBITICA is not open source, intellectual property remains within the community

QUBITICA for investors

  • The easy way to invest directly in blockchain solutions
  • Insight into the trends of tomorrow
  • Flexible participation in sub-projects
  • Speculative, but promising