Artificial Intelligence

  • What could be better than thinking about an AI with distributed nodes or ledgers in a distributed blockchain system?
  • Why not bundle AI basic functionalities and data from different sources and make them available to the QUBITICA community in a structured way? How many new ideas could be developed from this!
  • Why we don't associate AI with securities trading and let mathematical similarity functions make decisions on their own?
To this and other fascinating approaches, QUBITICA has launched their own Artificial Intelligence project.

Our large developer community is looking forward to work on these ideas and welcomes every new developer. Necessary prerequisites are experiences and interest in AI solutions. These are combined with practical applications. Qualifications in the blockchain area are only needed for some projects. We do not see QUBITICA as a pure blockchain solutions community anymore and expand our area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterest to the AI. The decentralized structure, made possible by blockchain technology, helps this task in an ideal way.

The current focus is on the introduction of a formal language (programming language) to describe the relevant processes up to a layer with which AI Solutions Providers such as Google, Microsoft or IBM can work. The advantage of this layer and a descriptive formal language is the automated processing and easy adaptability to new requirements.

Please visit our mining project page for more information.