Mauritius Africa FinTech Hub (MAFH)

We are proud of our partnership with the MAFH. As a Qubitica member, you can benefit in various ways. You can use dedicated office space, the infrastructure, and the network of educated people — an excellent place to work and develop new ideas. We help our members, devs, and enterprises, with all questions regarding the services of the MAFH. If you are a Tech Entrepreneur, an Investor, or an FSP/Corporate, you even have the double assistance by Qubitica and the MAFH direct.

Your African FinTech Gateway

Be one of the frontrunners in African FinTech innovation.
Join our FinTech ecosystem and drive positive growth through tech disruption.

Tech Entrepreneurs

  • Be plugging your business into a network of pan-African, Mauritian governments, corporates, FSPs, investors, FinTech businesses and tech experts.
  • Get assistance with regulatory sandbox licences as well as business registration.
  • Have access to resources and knowledge from other tech businesses that form part of the ecosystem.
  • Have the opportunity to get in touch with potential investors and other funding sources.
  • Attend roundtable events with regulatory bodies.
  • Be supported by the MAFH team’s in-house legal expert, with extensive experience in FinTech regulation.
  • Benefit from Mauritian investor agreements in place that can act as buffers for businesses looking to enter new growing African markets.
  • and much more...


  • Get access to an already well-established network of pan-African, Mauritian governments, corporates, FSPs, investors, FinTech businesses, tech experts, entrepreneurs, FinTech businesses and SMEs.
  • Be introduced to vetted tech innovators, SMEs and entrepreneurs.
  • Share and benefit from the resources and knowledge of other businesses, legal and tech experts that form part of the Hub.
  • Attend roundtable events with regulatory bodies and help shape future FinTech regulation.
  • Mauritius has a number of investment agreements in place with African states, this essentially means that they can act as a buffer on behalf of those looking to enter emerging markets or invest in African FinTech businesses.
  • and much more...

FSPs & Corporates

  • The Hub has an existing network of Mauritian, pan-African as well as international entrepreneurs, FinTech businesses, tech experts, corporate entities and FSPs open to collaboration and innovation. Slot into the ecosystem and find the perfect partnerships.
  • All business that are members of the Mauritius Africa FinTech Hub are vetted by the team, and introductions can be arranged if collaboration is desired.
  • Business support is offered to smaller business in the ecosystem to give them the time to innovate and collaborate.
  • Benefit from investment agreements in place between the Mauritian government and some African states. These agreements act as a buffer between businesses and regulators in the new markets.
  • and much more...

Currently, the Mauritius Africa FinTech Hub has two membership options available, Swift and Full-stack. Depending on the size of your organisation, the memberships have been carefully developed to cover exactly what you need to ensure that you integrate with the Hub ecosystem quickly and effectively.

Please visit the Mauritius Africa FinTech Hub for further information.