• We welcome any interested person, company or organization in our community.
  • Together we have built an active community of developers and business partners from more than 50 nations.
  • As a member of Qubitica, you get access to the various teams and projects.
  • Have a look at our project pipeline or even build your own team and realize your ideas with the help of friends and business partners.
  • We have technical and business framework and expertise, legal information, funding, local market access, and all of this like you would work with friends.

For registration, you have to follow these easy steps below.

  1. Join our Qubitica Member Lobby at by following this invitation link. You have to log in with your email or your Google account.
  2. You enter an excellent place to talk with many members and non-members. Around 200 people are chatting here. Our spokesman Daniel is in the Lobby, too.
  3. Have a look at the Message Board. There is plenty of stuff about benefits and how to become successful at Qubitica.
  4. In the Member Lobby at, you will also find instructions on how to set up your account at the website so we will have relevant data, like the wallet address of your membership token.
  5. When you like what you see, and you want to become a member you have to get or buy at least one/five QBIT token(s), and pay the membership fee.
  6. You can buy the QBIT token at our QBIT Exchange.
  7. The active membership is opening the doors. You will get access to the Member Shop at with much free stuff like free web servers, software, and tools.
  8. is our platform for any communication. You can build here own teams, and you can get invited to more projects and more groups. People will help you, and we hope that you will help others, too.
  9. Many people do all these steps during one day, but nobody is in a hurry here, and we all have our own pace.

Membership fee structure

  1. Developers and Entrepreneurs: 1 QBIT for a 6-month period
  2. Companies and Organizations: 5 QBIT for a 6-month period

Make the first step and don't hesitate. Join us at the Qubitica Lobby at

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