Mining: (Phase 1 finished, new projects will be published in June 2018)

We all know how to mine crypto currencies based on computing power. The basis of QBIT mining is not computing power, but human intelligence and efficiency in the development of computer software. This QBIT mining can only be done by software developers.

So we have a mining that makes diggin QBIT difficult today and in the future. New QBIT can only be created if the programs developed in the future also meet the future requirements. A natural factor that automatically adjusts the difficulty of mining.

On the other hand, the user of all developed programs can only acquire or license against QBIT. This QBIT can be obtained through the website by exchange with other currencies. Reference prices are automatically fixed by QUBITICA.

The demand for QBIT is triggered by the usefulness of the developed software , resulting in an automatic cycle of production and consumption. The control over the usefulness of the developed program takes over to QUBITICA. We base this choice primarily on economic and strategic aspects. At a later date, the developer community can actively intervene in the tendering and awarding process. For this purpose, we plan to create all the appropriate functionalities and these, for example. through smart contracts.

QBIT are valuable. They serve as a kind of share in the overall project, but can also be exchanged in currencies at any time. For basic currencies such as Ether it is possible directly via the QUBITICA website. QUBITICA uses part of the generated revenue to pay a dividend to all developers. This benefits all holders of QBIT. These distributions take place monthly. You can see the next distribution date here.

The call for tenders for the projects takes place in 2 steps. A simple project description can be viewed online. If you are interested, please contact us via e-mail. We then provide more information and then discuss the project together. We are interested in long-term cooperation, which is why we seek personal contact and discussion. In order to give you the opportunity to contribute your own ideas better, the projects are formulated very generally in the first step. Also, the solutions can be supplied by you more generally than you may be used to. After agreeing we give the project exclusively to you. Our internal development team then adjusts the result to the exact specifications we need.

As an independent developer, you personally have the opportunity to participate in QUBITICA and become part of it all. Take a look at the open projects or create a developer account right now

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