Mining - Get ready for work

We all know how to mine cryptocurrencies based on computing power. The basis of mining the QBIT token is not computing power. It's human intelligence and efficiency in the development of computer software. People only can do this QBIT mining.

We have mining that makes digging QBIT difficult today and in the future. New QBIT tokens can only be created in exchange with developed programs and projects by Qubitica members. A natural factor that automatically adjusts the difficulty of mining and the supply of the QBIT token.

On the other side are users of our solutions, non-members and also investors who buy QBIT to get access to Qubitica and our solutions. Obtain QBIT tokens from the website, exchanges or Qubitica members. QUBITICA automatically calculates reference prices.

The demand for QBIT is triggered by the usefulness of the developed solutions and the need for membership. An automatic cycle of production and consumption.

QUBITICA manages control over the usefulness of the developed solutions. We base this choice primarily on economic and strategic aspects. At a later date, the developer community can actively intervene in the tendering and awarding process. For this purpose, we plan to create all the appropriate functionalities and these, for example through smart contracts.

QBIT tokens are valuable. They are the membership token to our community and the currency to value projects.

We tender any project by the following steps to our community:

  • Have a look at the project description on this website. If you are interested, please become a new member of Qubitica and apply for any project.
  • You can access our project management in our rooms. Here you can discuss the specifications, requirements, and compensation.
  • We organize further project work under Wrike®, Asana®, and GitHub®.
  • Use the possibilities to discuss the project and to incorporate your ideas. Our offers all functionalities.
  • The Qubitica membership is a prerequisite for the allocation of any project.
As an independent developer, company, or organization you have the opportunity to become a member of QUBITICA. Take a look at our projects or register as a member right now.

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