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Qubitica spinoff 'Minepack' is the pipline We combine Hardware and Software knowledge to better fit future mining aspects. 16/Apr/2018
Qubitica joins AI Qubitica will start bringing AI artifical intelligence to the blockchain. Projects may start in May. 12/Apr/2018
Community growth by active members reached milestone We surpasssed the number of 750 active asset holders. 2/Apr/2018
User growth is strong Active users and API access are growing rapidly. This is caused by the current waiver of the monthly fees for basic functionalities. User are buying their initial QBIT to hold it. We may reduce the amount users can buy for the waiver period. 24/Mar/2018
Developer growth is strong Developer growth is higher than we expected. Unfortunately we have to distribute some open projects to our "gold developers". We hope to fill the project pipline for all developers soon. 24/Mar/2018
QUBITCA CORE API About 40 closed projects are lifting the stability and usability for the CORE API to the next level. The rollout to the developer API may start in June. 14/Mar/2018
QUBITCA starts the new participation programm for developers Through this new programm we may bring QBIT directly to all developers as a part of the compensation. The credits will start in march and payout will come on 1st of April. Please setup your deveoper accounts. 11/Feb/2018
QUBITCA welcomes developer #50 We are proud to host the next developer @pot. at QUBITICA. 10/Jan/2018
QUBITCA starts the CORE API rollout Our developers may use now the latest version of out core API, directly connected to the Ethereum blockchein datastructure. 18/Dec/2017
QUBITCA welcomes developer #30 We are proud to host the next developer @ser. at QUBITICA. Our developers are distributed over almost all continents (no Southamerica) with a concentration on Russia, Indonesia and India at the moment. 20/Nov/2017
QUBITCA starts with the new platform The new platform withs tool for developer and usesr is now online. Then we will move to our new domains later in 2018. 20/Nov/2017

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