Since May 2018 the first phase of the founding of the QUBITICA community has been completed. The current whitepaper refers to the ideas and goals of this new structure.


QUBITICA is a community of more than 1000 developers, IT companies and investors from over 20 nations who want to work together to advance blockchain technology. This community has developed the QUBITICA infrastructure and since May 2018 it has been working on new projects under the associated brands and websites. Subcontracting is organized within the community. This requires the holding of QBIT, the paticipation shares in QUBITICA and all related projects.

A long-term goal of QUBITICA is the development of project-related Smart Contract Solutions. These projects are treated as independent tasks and subprojects advertised individually. This allows us to achieve a flexible pipeline adapted to the needs of the market.

The general developments in Blockchain will grow disproportionately, which is why it is the right time to find an intelligent solution to accomplish these tasks.

What sets QUBITICA apart from an IT company operating in this field? QUBITICA is not an IT company, but an association of like-minded developers, IT companies and investors. IT projects will be handled under future brands and websites, and QUBITICA will be responsible for exchanging ideas, prioritizing projects and managing the shares in QUBITICA.

What is a QBIT?

QUBITICA's QBIT is an ERC-20 token that honors achievements. This honor is also comparable to shares. Developers receive QBIT for the implementation of projects and thus a share in the assets of the platform. A developer becomes, so to speak, a miner of shares through the power of his programming. He can now keep this QBIT, which represents his share of the overall project, or exchange it for Ether or USD / Euro. The mining of QBIT as part of the development of QUBITICA itself is no longer possible. This process is complete.

QBIT is also the unit through which investors can acquire shares in the projects. To do this, buy QBIT either from the developers, any holder or via the platform. A purchase on exchanges is of course also possible. For new projects under other brands, the introduction of additional tokens is possible. QBIT holders automatically receive shares in this token upon issue.

What can I do with my QBIT?

  • The sale of QBIT to the Platform is possible at any time.

QUBITICA is not a non profit project. On the contrary, QUBITICA strives to generate profits from all projects by selling licenses or services that benefit the community. So QUBITICA does not want to be open source either. QUBITICA has not needed any external investments, neither through ICOs nor through other investments. The pre-financing of projects is supported by the cash flow and the capitalization.

The development steps

Currently, the focus is on the development of new projects under new brands. These are regularly announced on the website. Priority in 2018 will be AI-artificial intelligence in blockchain, Hyperledger and hardware / software mining. In addition, we try to develop a specialized DEX solution for the tokens and currencies used in our projects.

Thus, the next development steps are characterized by a focus on concrete projects around the Blockchain. Fascinating areas in which we all like to put a lot of work and ideas. These tasks will determine the project pipeline for 2018 before we set the course again towards the end of the year.

Success steps that are already behind us are the development of a distributed structure for the administration of QUBITICA and the project planning phases. For this an abstract layer model was developed and implemented.

whitepaper short version
Daniel Takriti, 12/Jun/2018

next whitepaper-update on 30/Sep/2018