QUBITICA is a decentralized global community of developers, companies, and organizations. We develop and share innovations in the fields of DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) and computer science. Members work together in independent teams and projects to build profitable commercial solutions for their benefit. Our community can offer help in all commercial and non-commercial aspects regarding your business.

  • business model development
  • technical and commercial knowhow
  • funding
  • legal and tax information
  • networking
  • market access to almost any country
  • marketing and media
  • ICO, IEO, and STO
  • crypto exchange listings
  • pitching and building an investor base

The main principle of Qubitica is co-operation. That means that members usually do not pay for the general help they receive. The community only expect that the receiver also offers his expertise if possible. Within the independent teams and projects compensation by QBIT, other currencies or project shares can be negotiated. This is in the responsibility of the individual team or project owner.

Members can receive help and build teams and projects, but they can also join many existing projects funded by other members or Qubitica itself.

Last but not least members have free access to many hard- and software tools our community is actively using. Co-operation is smooth like you would work with friends.

One main project of Qubitica itself is the establishment of a democratic and distributed enterprise. The extension of a classic DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to goals such as profit and legal aspects. So far, we have not created this perfect world, but all members are invited to participate in this longterm goal.

What is a QBIT?

A QBIT is an ERC-20 token that serves as a membership token but also as a currency. Developers may receive QBIT for the implementation of general projects and thus are part of the overall structure. A developer becomes the miner of QBIT through the power of its programming. These QBITs, which represent part of the whole project, can now be retained or exchanged for Ether or Bitcoin. Participation in various tenders, projects, and teams is only possible by holding a corresponding QBIT quantity.

Are QBIT valuable?

Yes, as they represent both a membership token and a currency. QBIT will not be sold by QUBITICA to gain capital. There is no hidden ICO. The QBIT you can trade originates from the free float, which is held by members, investors, or traders. The strategy of Qubitica is to buy back QBIT if the opportunity arises. The decisive factors here are the funds available and the overall market conditions. I want to emphasize that nobody at Qubitica, except for the founding company, really had to contribute money. We made no private sale or ICO. Only through programming or other intellectual work QBIT could be obtained. So we are entirely free from the problems that many ICOs have.

Review and Outlook

In 2019 we grew strong in the numbers of members, projects, and teams. The focus was on DLT, especially Fintech and Crypto, AI and IoT. The cost structure could be kept low, and free funds were invested directly in the development of the project pipeline.

In the 2nd half-year of 2019, we will increase the value of membership by raising a membership fee. These fees, together with a new investor plan, will be used to fund promising concepts within the community. So, we try to move our structure more in the direction of a venture capital, incubator and funding community. Let's explore together what can grow out of these developer and investment ideas.

Of course, all the running projects are not influenced by that. The distribution of earnings and voting rights are unchanged and in the responsibility of the teams and project owners.

whitepaper short version
Daniel Takriti, 06/Jun/2019

next whitepaper-update on 10/Sep/2020

For informational purposes, see the previous whitepapers at whitepaper-20180302 , whitepaper-20180507, whitepaper-20180612, whitepaper-20180913 and whitepaper-20190211.